You Called The Police As A Domestic Violence Victim And Now You Are Going To Jail, Wait, What?

It is very common for the person who called the police as a domestic violence victim to also be the person who goes to jail for domestic violence charges in Seminole County, Florida.  It does not matter who calls the police first in a domestic violence case. First to the phone does not win.  I have represented many individuals in Seminole County who called 911 to report being the victim of domestic violence who were instead arrested for committing domestic violence instead of the person they called to have arrested.  The police try to determine who the primary aggressor was in the incident and that is who gets arrested.  The police do not always arrest the right person.  Officers are discouraged from arresting both parties because it creates problems for the prosecutor in the domestic violence prosecution.  The reward for winning the race to the phone sometimes involves a pair of handcuffs, for the person who called 911 first.  If you would like to discuss how I can help, the consultation is free.  Please call me at 407-740-8300, text me at 407-616-8808 or email me at [email protected].

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