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Since 1999, Chris has been representing individuals charged with violations of the criminal law. Chris S. Boatright, P.A. handles only criminal law and related matters. Chris believes it is important for a criminal defense lawyer to focus on criminal law and related matters instead of practicing criminal law in addition to other areas of law like many other lawyers do. He is a criminal lawyer that understands the difficulties that people face when charged with a crime and as a criminal attorney he also understands the negative results that can follow someone forever. That is why Chris is an aggressive defense attorney that uses his experience both as a former prosecutor and as criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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Being charged with a crime can cause financial difficulties. Chris S. Boatright, P.A. offers personalized payment plans to fit your needs. Please contact Chris S. Boatright, P.A. to discuss a personalized payment plan.

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