Seminole County Victim Letter To The Judge Requesting A Modification Of Bond Conditions

Once set by the court in Seminole County, Florida at the initial appearance hearing the bond conditions in the case like no contact with the victim, no return to the residence and an electronic monitor will remain in place for the length of the case not just until the next court date, which is usually the arraignment.  Cases in the criminal justice system can take months and sometimes years to resolve.  The victim sending a letter to the judge requesting that the arrested person be allowed to have contact with the victim and return to residence of the victim and that the electronic monitor be removed is a waste of time because it is not the proper procedure for modifying bond conditions.  No changes to the bond conditions as a result of that letter will occur.  The criminal justice system has rules and you have to follow the rules or no changes will be made to the bond conditions.  If you would like to discuss how I can help, the consultation is free.  Please call me at 407-740-8300, text me at 407-616-8808 or email me at [email protected].

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