Seminole County Domestic Violence Arrest Bond

When someone is arrested for a domestic violence charge in Seminole County, Florida they are required by law to be held in jail with no bond until they see a judge at an initial appearance.  In Seminole County normally initial appearances on the weekdays are held in the afternoon and on weekends and holidays they are held in the morning.  A bond is the amount of money the court requires in order for the person to be released from jail.  The bond amount for a domestic violence charge usually also has additional conditions of release attached.  So it is not just pay money, it is pay money and follow rules also.  These additional rules usually include no contact with the victim and no return to your residence and can also include an EMPACT monitor which is an electronic monitor you wear on your leg.  These additional conditions of release can be modified by a judge at a later date if a proper motion is filed with the court requesting the additional conditions be modified.  If you would like to discuss how I can help, the consultation is free.  Please call me at 407-740-8300, text me at 407-616-8808 or email me at [email protected].

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