Does Someone Have To Go To Jail In A Domestic Violence Case In Seminole County?

Someone Is Going To Jail

When law enforcement officers respond to a call regarding domestic violence they come with the presumption that someone is going to get arrested and go to jail.  So once the officers arrive it is normally just a matter of figuring out who is going to jail for domestic violence charges.  Contrary to what some people believe who call 911 law enforcement officers do not respond to resolve domestic disputes.  They respond to determine if a crime has been committed and to arrest that person or persons and to take them to jail.  Many times the person who called 911 for assistance in a domestic dispute is the person who ultimately ends up getting arrested and going to jail with domestic violence charges even though the 911 caller is really the victim but the law enforcement officers decided to believe the other person’s story.

The Investigation To Determine Who

When law enforcement officers arrive at the scene of a domestic disturbance they traditionally separate the two people and get their stories.  If the stories do not match and they normally do not match then the officers look for physical evidence like injuries and damage to the surrounding area to try to determine what actually happened and if what happened was a crime and if so who committed that crime.  If someone else was present during the incident other than the two people involved then unfortunately when two stories match and there is no contrary physical evidence to that story then whoever that story says committed a crime is going to jail.  I call this sandbox rules two beats one end of story. Unfortunately, sometimes the third person present is biased toward one of the two people like a family member or friend but that usually does not seem to matter to most law enforcement officers, sandbox rules still apply apparently.  Once they determine that a crime was committed they arrest that person committed a crime.  Sometimes that means both people get arrested.

What Should Someone Do Who Has Been Arrested And Taken to Jail For Domestic Violence Charges

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